Metaverse is emerging as the next computing paradigm, with technologies that can bridge the physical and digital worlds, by enabling persistent, digital representations connected to aspects of the real world across people, places, things and processes. Leveraging these advantages, the metaverse can be a new immersive platform for teaching, learning, and collaboration, with an immense potential to revolutionize higher education.

The global conversation around it is exciting because there are so many different perspectives on the future and what we want from it. Metaverse is a developing concept and will take time to realize its full potential, however it is important for higher education institutions to start building relevant skills today and be ready for the future.

Through the Metaversity Hackathon, students will gain new technical skills, connect with mentors, collaborate with peers across faculties, and have the opportunity to develop their ideas to become solutions that can solve current challenges in higher education.