At RoboKUp, we're here to prove that robots and soccer aren't just a 'far-fetched' idea. Envision a world where soccer and robots 'team up' for a game-changing experience. Our vision is to 'kickstart' this future, sparking a passion for soccer and tech that's 'off the charts.' Together, we're 'building' a new playbook, where the 'ball' is in the hands of both humans and robots. So, 'gear up' for a fantastic journey and be part of a future where robots and soccer come together for the ultimate 'goal'!"

Gather 'round, future robotics masters!

We're serving up a buffet of workshops to satisfy your hunger for tech knowledge.


Exploring the Core of Robotics


Eyes on the Bot

Mastering robotics Vision


Computer Vision & Neural Networks

where machines learn to think!



Learn to speak robotics with robotic operating system.


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Ready for a robotic adventure?

Here's our summer internship playbook, where we teamed up with tech-savvy bots to score a summer full of 'byte'-sized victories!

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