Wind Energy Systems

With the increasing demand of installing Wind Turbine/Wind parks based on various technologies of wind turbine generators (WTGs), the following research topics are carried out at Khalifa University:

  • Developing stochastic model for wind energy and reducing the uncertainty of wind power generation.
  • High-fidelity and precise estimation for wind power plant generation.
  • Developing fast and precise grid synchronization schemes for WTGs.
  • Modeling of WTGs/Wind Parks for RMS, Dynamic and Transient Studies.
  • WTGs Inter-convertor oscillations and mitigation techniques.
  • Standalone control strategies for wind turbine generators.
  • Enhanced ancillary services for WTGs and Wind Parks in adherence of grid codes requirement.
  • Integrated design and control for large scale wind power plant through VSC- HVDC and VSC-MTD integration.
  • Advanced Wind Power Plant SCADA Controllers (Centralized and decentralized) and online forecasting tool to facilitate system monitoring, optimal operation and data provision.
  • Energy Storage System applications for enhancing wind power plant operation with dispatching black-start capabilities.

Fig. An exemplary layout of wind park.