Energy utilization takes various forms, including electrical, mechanical, thermal, and more. Khalifa University's research teams concentrate on advancing technologies, control strategies, and policies to enhance the efficient utilization of energy across different sectors. Several research projects exemplify this commitment to optimizing energy use.

Key Points:

Diverse Forms of Energy Utilization

  • Encompasses electrical, mechanical, thermal, and other means.

University Focus on Advancements

  • Khalifa University's research teams prioritize developing advanced technologies.
  • Emphasis on control strategies and policies for efficient energy utilization.

Research Project Examples:

  • Numerous projects demonstrate the commitment to improving energy efficiency.
  • Projects span various sectors to address diverse energy utilization challenges.

Hydrogen utilization

Work at RICH

Sustainable fuels

  • from captured Co2 and Hydrogen (this slide is proposed for the new webpage of the RICH Center)
  • Fuel cells for hydrogen power generation
  • Ammonia as a carbon-less fuel
  • Upgrading of bio-oil and diesel
  • Hydrogen for heavy transportation
  • Techno-economic assessment of all technologies

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