Concept of CCUS

  • CCUS is a pivotal technology for short-medium term carbon emissions reduction.
  • Enables the continued use of fossil fuels and deployment of blue hydrogen while meeting energy demands and preserving the environment.

Activities at the RICH Center

CO2 Capture

Advanced Sorbent Development

  • Objective: Develop novel sorbents for CO2 capture using hybrid systems.
  • Steps: Synthesis, characterization, surface functionalization, and evaluation of sorbents.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Absorption capacity, selectivity, sorbent stability, energy requirements, and mass transfer efficiency.
  • Support: Molecular modeling and mass transfer/diffusion modeling.

Advanced CO2 Capture Processes

  • Objective: Develop an integrated framework for efficient, energy-effective, and cost-reduced CO2 capture.
  • Approach: Screening of sorbents and novel solvents for CO2 capture.
  • Status: Figure 2 illustrates the current status of CO2 capture technologies.

CO2 Utilization

Solar-Driven Conversion

  • Objective: Optimize solar-driven photochemical and thermochemical processes for fuel production from H2S/CO2 splitting.
  • Focus: Abundant resources in the UAE.

Machine Learning for Materials Development

  • Approach: Use machine learning for advanced molecular models of materials for CO2 conversion and H2 production.
  • Methods: High-throughput studies, theoretical studies, data mining, and information integration.

Additional Current Activities at the RICH Center:

  • Integrated approaches combining CO2 capture with utilization.
  • Simultaneous CO2-EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) and storage.

CO2 Storage/Sequestration

Current Activities

  • Reservoir characterization, monitoring, measuring, and verification for saline aquifers.
  • AI for characterization in the absence of data.
  • Mineralization: Conversion of CO2 into stable carbonates through chemical reactions in collaboration with ADNOC.
  • Soil Storage: Ongoing project using desertic soil as a significant route for CO2 storage in the UAE.

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